A Great Case Manager and Human

“Elise was amazing to work with.  She really helped me get things moving.  I feel like she really cared about me and my recovery.  She’s a great case manager and human.  Thanks for everything!”

Unsung Heroes Behind The Scenes

“Thank you, Micki, and to everyone who has reached out to celebrate the Admin Team!  It means so much!  It comes effortlessly to do our best as we are working for people who we truly care about and who care about us!  Love our team!” 

Solid Leadership Team

“I want to verbalize how appreciative I am of the support Sarah and Laura provide.  It’s been a while since I’ve felt supported by a solid leadership team.  Thank you”

OHARA has Great News!

May 2024

Sarah, our newest team member, joins OHARA with extensive experience as a telephonic nurse.  Previously, she worked in a family medicine practice, specializing in triage across all ages and medical conditions.  With her exceptional organizational skills and direct communication approach, Sarah will seamlessly transition into her role at OHARA.

Welcome, Sarah!




“THE BEST TEAM… but I always say, it is because of our management team.  A team like this is ALWAYS, ALWAYS built from the top down.”

So professional

“Thank you to everyone at OHARA for continuing to be professional while managing the transitions through hospital discharge for the injured worker and family.  I would not have been able to accomplish the transition without you.  Thank you all again!”


“I wanted to take a minute and let you know I’ve assigned Sara M twice now and I’m really happy with her!  If anyone is looking for a nurse for Yankton to Aberdeen to Sioux City give her a try!  She is so good with updating, her reports are great, and she assisted with getting an injured worker back to work even faster than I anticipated.”

Assistance with Education

“I greatly appreciate Sara’s collaborative communication with us in clinic today when providing education on MMI and an FCE to an injured worker.  I truly enjoy working with her.”