“I’m very grateful for Karla.  Thanks for Karla I felt like everything was going to be ok, she was there for me and reassured me we would work together to make things better, she went out of her way to explain things.”

Accomplished a Great Deal!

“Thank you.  I believed we have accomplished a great deal so far and look forward to the New Year and more wonderful challenges!  Happy Holidays All!  And as for Pat, I would give her a big hug if it weren’t for Covid.  I greatly appreciate her dedication and understanding”.

Your Support

“I’m thankful for all of you!  Your support this week meant more than you could ever know.  We are all very dedicated and loyal to OHARA and our team, but to also be supported personally with the many hardships we all face outside of work is just so heartwarming and sustaining.  Micki, we are impressed by your leadership, your thoughtful manner, inspiring words, and gracious nature!  You inspire and motivate everyone you come in contact with.  We are so fortunate to have you at the helm of this recently renovated and very shiny ship!”

Thank You All

“Thank you all and seriously, thank you for all the help that you give me each and every day.  I would be nowhere without your guidance”

They are Awesome!!!!!!

“I seriously want to put either Lori or Kerrie on all my files.  Don’t get me wrong there are other nurses out there I like, but these two!!!!  They are awesome!!!!!!”