Spectacular Job!!!

“You know it is a struggle at times to make the decision if we want to pay mileage to send a nurse where there isn’t one, Brenda is doing such a spectacular job that she has completely reassured me it is worth sending her.  I will be using Brenda in the future!!!  She does a great job!!!”


“I had Jennifer assigned to a very complex case.  She did a fabulous job and I just wanted to give her kudos!  So thanks!”

Culture of Family

“OHARA is a culture of family.  I am blessed to work for a management team that works hard to ensure my success and professional growth, along with a team of people who are supportive.  OHARA is truly the best in more ways than one!”


“I love my profession.  You are all leaders and quite honestly the BEST I have ever journeyed with!!!  Thank You!!”

Awesome Leadership Team

“I just wanted to thank you guys for being such an awesome leadership team and guiding us through this very uncertain time.  I feel honored to be a part of this organization and you all make me feel very secure and optimistic!!  You are the best!”

OHARA Culture

“The OHARA culture is better than anything I have ever experienced!  My job is very independent but my coworkers are always willing to offer their advice and recommendations when I need assistance.  We all come from slightly different backgrounds which brings a wealth of knowledge to the table”