Statutory Rehabilitation Services

OHARA, LLC provides statutory rehabilitation and case management services to injured workers in the state of Minnesota. Rehabilitation services are performed by our knowledgeable and experienced Qualified Rehabilitation Consultants (QRC’s). A QRC assists all parties involved in a workers’ compensation case and provides effective coordination and communication. The QRC manages services with all parties including the injured worker, employer, insurer, healthcare provider and attorneys to ensure a positive outcome.

Rehabilitation Services provided may include:
Medical ManagementJob AnalysisVocational Counseling and GuidanceVocational TestingLabor Market SurveyRehabilitation ConsultationJob PlacementJob Seeking Skills TrainingTransferable Skills AnalysisWork EvaluationReturn to work coordinationRetraining

OHARA also provides case management services in Minnesota involving injured workers that do not qualify for statutory rehabilitation services. Non-statutory case management services include medical management and effective communication with insurer, employer and healthcare providers.

The result of our professional delivery of these services is a timely resolution of the claim and return to work.

OHARA in Minnesota is a South Dakota based limited liability company that employs QRC’s that have no affiliation, business referral or other arrangements with RAS Group and/or Sanford Health.

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