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We would like to thank you for all your help with this claim. You always do such an excellent job communicating updates, providing advice and referrals, and being an advocate for the employee, the insurance company, and mainly for us! Another superb job, well done!!
D. L. – Large regional employer

You have been a God send! I really want to write to your supervisor to tell her how professional and well; just a darn good nurse you really area. I cannot tell you how helpful you have been. Thank you very much for all of your hard work!
S. B. – National third party administrator

I really appreciate everything you have done on this file and I like how you move this file along.
K. P. – Regional workers’ compensation carrier

The nurses we work with from OHARA are the best. I wish all of the nurses I work with in each of my jurisdictions were as capable.
L. M. – National third party administrator

I work with many case managers across the US. Rarely, if ever, do I find a case manager as proactive and responsive as OHARA’s. Whenever I know a claim has been assigned to them, I just know the claim will be handled swiftly and efficiently. They are truly engaged and we are grateful for their work on our claims.
T. P. – National multiline insurance carrier

I cannot give greater kudos to the nurses at OHARA, they are such an asset to my file. Thank you!
M. C. – Regional multiline insurance carrier.



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